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Panorama window films are unique high performance products resulting from the latest technology -- films that no longer need to be dark nor highly reflective to provide impressive performance. Panorama window films are available only through a network of professionals who earned their exclusive dealership based on business experience and installation skills. Put all of this together and it's easy to see why Panorama is a leader in the window film business.

Whether your home is contemporary, traditional, old or new, it deserves the very best to preserve its charm and value. Panorama films were designed to do just that, while adding to the comfort, aesthetics and protection of your home.

Panorama ViewMost people realize window films protect carpets and interior valuables from pre-mature fading. Films also help reduce energy bills and increase occupant comfort. Panorama window films can do this because they reject almost 100% of damaging ultraviolet and a significant amount of solar heat energy. But that's not all! Panorama window films do much more. They also reduce the threat of sun related damage to expensive blinds and draperies. By reducing the transmission of solar energy, the life of blind cords and drapery fabrics is extended. Best of all, with Panorama window films the entire look and performance capability of the window treatment is improved.

Raising the Standard
Panorama window films are manufactured using an exclusive technology and won't compromise appearance for performance or vice versa. The films are available in a variety of shades including Slate Gray, Autumn Bronze and Sterling. Panorama window films provide you with the advantages of a long-lasting adhesive system and a proven scratch-resistant coating called Durogard®. Best of all, Panorama window films come with a strong, factory-backed warranty for your peace of mind. In short, installing Panorama window film is the very best thing you can do for your home.

Keep it CoolEnhanced Comfort and Safety
When Panorama window film is included as part of your window treatment system, you can leave your shutters, blinds or draperies open all day knowing annoying glare and uncomfortable "hot spots" will be minimized. Since Panorama films reject considerable amounts of solar heat, not only will you feel a difference, you should notice an immediate saving on your energy bill.

Professional Installers Pay Attention to Every Detail
Panorama professionals treat your home with the respect it deserves -- wearking protective shoes, using drop cloth floor coverings and cleaning up efficiently when done. Overall, Panorama installers are trained to do their job with a minimum of interruptions to your daily routine.

Panorama InstallationImproving the Comfort of Your Home
Because Panorama does such an effective job of blocking solar heat, uncomfortable warm areas near windows and glass doors are reduced or eliminated. In addition, Panorama window films do a masterful job of reducing annoying glare -- so you won't have to close the drapes or adjust shutters or blinds. In fact, you'll be able to enjoy the view year round without squinting at the glare from the pool. Panorama window films also provide a measure of safety by helping to hold glass together in case of an accident, protecting family and pets -- a comforting thought. If safety is a primary concern, click here for information on our Armorcoat safety and security films.

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