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The Panorama Difference
Commercial property owners, facility managers, restaurateurs and small business owners everywhere are discovering the endless benefits of window film. With all of the choices of film and varying benefits provided, one brand stands above the rest in quality, performance and appearance -- Panorama window and safety window film.

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Save Money
No matter what the size of your facility, maintaining a comfortable climate costs money. When you have Panorama window films installed, you can help lower your energy expenditures and operating costs every month. Plus, Panorama has demonstrated that it helps reduce AC load times and strain on units - saving you time and money in the long run.

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Work Comfortably
Any sunlit environment is subject to a host of problems: glare, hot spots, unpleasant heat and fluctuating temperatures. You can't afford any of those problems when keeping employees, guests and shoppers comfortable is key to the success of your business. Panorama insulates glass and rejects significant amounts of the sun's total solar energy -- keeping your business cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and more profitable year-round.

Protect Your Interior
Just as you protect your skin and eyes from the sun, you can protect the contents of your place of business with Panorama window film. Sunlight subjects all interior space to the damaging and harmful effects of solar heat and ultraviolet light, such as extreme fading of furniture, woodwork, carpeting and draperies. Panorama films reject up to 100% of destructive ultraviolet light, helping to preserve the value of your property.

Beautify Your Building
People judge a business by its appearance, regardless of whether it's a restaurant, small shop, large dealership or commercial skyscraper. Let your business make the best impression with Panorama window and safety window films. Panorama is available in a variety of soft, neutral hues that lend the perfect complement to any structure - subtle colar that projects style and gives every building an elegant, uniform appearance.

Preserve Your View
Forget about the dark, purple, bubbled window films of the past. Panorama provides subtle beauty - many people don't even realize that it's on a building, they just enjoy the endless benefits. Panorama lets your windows do what they were designed to do, allowing in plenty of natural light and maintaining a clear, unobstructed view. It simply works by rejecting the harmful and undesireable elements that windows alone cannot filter out.

Armorcoat Flim ConstructionWork Safer
Safety in the workplace is always a priority, and nothing makes a building more vulnerable than its glass and windows. Select Panorama films are available in a thicker, safety film version, which helps hold glass in place if shattered. This greatly reduced the chances of break-ins, theft, property damage and even personal injury.

Maintain Business As Usual
You don't have to put business on hold when you have Panorama window films installed on your building. The expert network of Panorama dealers is a select, highly qualified group of professionals who work efficiently, precisely and with the utmost regard for your business and schedule.

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