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Strength & Beauty... that Lasts

Real Wood... Real Quality
Responsibility: O'Hair Shutters are made from the finest grades of White Poplar (Cottonwood), a Northern American hardwood. Our lumber is harvested on family owned land, from landowners who demand sustainable forestry and responsible conservation, leaving a proud legacy for future generations.

ForkliftExtensive Wood Seasoning
A quality wood shutter begins with the proper drying of green lumber. O'Hair Shutters, Ltd. performs this process "in house" using open air drying and low temperature kiln drying. This two to three month process, developed by O'Hair Shutters, Ltd., insures stress free, stable lumber.

stockEdge-Grain, Edge Glued
The natural stability of properly dried lumber is enhanced by our exclusive edge-grain, edge-glue process. By ripping boards into strips, then rotating and gluing, homogenous strength and stability (akin to a laminated beam) is achieved. This process is key in our ability to produce the largest warranted shutter panels available.

BallerinaNatural Strength
The higher strength-to-weight ratio of real wood combined with our unique processes, makes O'Hair Shutters the strongest shutter panels on the market today.

LouversNatural Beauty
Regardless of which surface you choose, the natural beauty of Real Wood comes through.


Intelligent Design ... It's in every shutter we build.

Mortise and TenonMortise and Tenon Joinery
Our mortise and tenon joint design allows for maximum glue surface area. Wet-to-wet glue application plus special "draw-tight" assembly screws result in optimal intimate contact and excellent joint strength.

Louver TenonsMonolithic Louver Tenons
Louvers pivot on tenons that are formed from the louver profile itself. The resulting monolithic grain structure of each tenon provides the strongest pivot design in the industry.

StabilouverAdjustable Stabilouver
The louver at the middle of each tilt rod receives brass bushings for present tension. In addition, screws are applied to retain the stiles and to allow adjustment of tilting action. Louvers are thus sure to hold any desired tilt position.

Tiltrod linkageContinuous Tilt Rod Linkage
A common problem ever seen in an O'Hair Shutter is detached louvers due to tilt rod staples that pulled out. Instead, a continuous aluminum linkage thoroughly glued into the back of the tilt rod provides extraordinary strength. The connecting louver staples made of #304 stainless are deep set for decades of trouble free service.

Real Wood... Real Quality... Real Joinery brochure
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Shutter Configurations:

Start with Wood - White Poplar
American Yellow Poplar is our standard hardwood for custom shutters. It is a fine-grained hardwood noted for its superb finishing and stability characteristics. The poplar that we used is farmed, meaning that it is not taken out of forests.

Divider RailDivider Rail
An optional divider rail is available at no additional charge. A divider rail is a solid 3" piece of wood that can be inserted at any point in the louver opening. The divider rail gives you the flexibility to operate a top set of louvers independent of the bottom-set. A divider rail is also recommended as a means to add additional structural stability to very large panels. NEW We now offer a cut control rod.

Panel Widths
The extreme structural stability of our product enables us to manufacture panels up to 41" wide. Most other shutter panels are limited to widths under 28". Our ability to make wide panels provides our customers with the option to choose configurations not available in other shutters. Wide panels and larger louvers sizes have become extremely popular as means to maximize your outside view by simply opening the louvers. All of our shutter styles have a depth of 2".

Molded Light TrapShutter Mountings:

Framed Installation

There are many types and configurations of frames used to address the many types and configurations of windows. A frame allows us to construct a perfectly square shutter opening, eliminating uneven gaps around the edge of panels.

The Z-Frame is most commonly used in sheetrock openings with or without window sills. Z-Framing wraps the window edge covering any imperfections in the shape of the window. A decorative portion overlaps the outside (wallside) of the window providing a wood-cased appearance. Windows with existing sills will include a 1/2" light stop secured behind the shutter panel. When installed by a professional a Z-Frame can take a poorly constructed opening and make it appear square.

Outside Mount FrameOutside Mount Frame
There are many styles of outside Mount Frames. They are most commonly used on doors or on windows with no recess.


Inside Mount FrameInside Mount Frame
An L-shaped frame can be mounted inside a recessed area on most wood cased windows. Sheetrock cased windows are too out of square to make a quality inside mount installation possible. A small deduction must be taken between the window return and shutter frame. However, this gap can be larger based on how much a particular window is out of square. The resulting gap between the frame and window return is filled as a part of the installation process.

We now offer mortised 3" hinges which provide custom quality appearance. These hinges are offered in the following styles: Bright Brass, Brushed Nickle, Chrome, Antique Brass, and Paint White.

Spring-Loaded Bullet-Catch
Most shutters are held closed by magnets enclosed in a plastic housing. Temperature changes and sun-light effect the size and shape of the housing resulting in shutters that no longer close properly. We use a spring-loaded bullet-catch mechanism that is embedded in the top and bottom of each shutter panel. A stop is fixed to the top frame and the sill or bottom frame. When the shutter panel is closed the spring-loaded bullet-catch rides over the stop resulting in a consistent, tight closure and the elimination of necessary adjusting.

Additional Touches:

Sandbrushed Finish

In addition to our standard, smooth finish, we offer exclusive sandbrushed™ finishes. Our sandbrushed™ shutters allow the grain of the wood to show even if the panels are painted. Sandbrushed™ also adds a pleasant textured look to the shutters whether painted or stained.

Ultraprimed™ shutters are machine coated with ultra-violet cured polymer & then machine sanded smooth. This coating & sanding is performed on mouldings before they are processed into components & assembled into panels. Ultraprime™ panels require very little surface preparation before top-coating.

The Ultraprimed™ process begins with a base-coat application using a surface leveling method. The process includes 3 coats of 100% solids UV-cured primer, resulting in an excellent moisture barrier with average coating thickness of 1 mil after curing & sanding. Ultraprimed costs about $90 a gallon - but is labor saving.

Paint Matching
Sierra Shutters & Sun Control shutters are custom finished to your exact specifications. Quality shutter installations should result in a treatment that looks like it was installed and finished with the trim and wood work in your home. A good color match is critical for a truly quality, custom look. We offer your choice of any custom color. We can match any decor perfectly. We caution you that the "new" paint on your shutters may be different from your "old" paint due to batches, time, dirt, smoke, etc.

We offer 12 standard colors; or we will match any stain you desire. We will match within the limits of wood and grain differences. If a very close match is required, send us a sample and we will provide a sample for approval.

Fan"Quarterburst"™ Shutters
The "Quarterburst"™ shutters are offered in either a smooth or sandbrushed surface. Quarterburst, and arches, like all of our shutters are easy to clean and will increase the value of your home. Quarterburst are true semi-circles which are controled by a hidden linkage that syncronizes all the louvers simultaneously.

ArchCustom Shapes
Unlimited. We can make shutters for true arches, semi-arched, lazy arches,angles, curves, or any shape for virtually any opening. The louvers are full movable.


Want to know even more about shutters, visit our Shutter Facts page. Our shutters also carry a lifetime warranty.
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